Yoga Stretching Oil (Yoga Shen Jin You) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Tooth from Tigers Mouth

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Yoga Stretching Oil (
Yoga Shen Jin You) 瑜伽伸筋油

Yoga Stretching Oil: (Yoga Shen Jin You) is based on a traditional formula designed to aid stretching and flexibility training or Yoga. Yoga Stretching Oil is rubbed into muscles and joints before and after activities like Yoga, or other stretching routines, so that the muscles and fascia more easily adapt to training, thereby increasing and maintaining suppleness and flexibility. Clinically it is often used for joint pain that is accompanied by tight, bound muscles.

Yoga Stretching Oil specifically targets the muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments. The addition of Shen Jin Cao relaxes the sinews and invigorates circulation in the collaterals which helps improve flexing and extending of the muscles and joints.


Ingredients: macadamia oil, sesame oil, eucalyptus oil, bing pian, zhang nao, rou gui, shen jin cao, tao ren, ding xiang oil, dang gui

External Use Only! Do not use over open skin lesions or rashes.