Tiger's Invigorate Collateral Liniment (Hu Biao Huo Luo You) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Tooth from Tigers Mouth

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Tiger's Invi
gorate Collaterals Liniment (Hu Biao Huo Luo You)


Tiger's Invigorate Collaterals Liniment is specifically designed for wind, cold, and damp that lodge in the joints, causing stiffness and pain – Bi Syndrome. This formula includes vine medicinals, like Ji Xue Teng and Ren Dong Teng, which are traditionally used for joint pain, because they open the channels and collaterals, free restrictions in the sinews, and dispel wind and dampness. Tiger's Invigorate Collaterals Liniment is energetically balanced making it suitable for both warm and cold Bi (obstruction) Syndrome conditions.

External Use Only! Do not use over open skin lesions or rashes.

Ingredients: kuan jin teng; gou teng; ren dong teng; ji xue teng; wang bu liu xing; liu jin nu; mo yao; fang feng; da huang; jing jie; wei ling xian; xi xin; alcohol base.