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Strengthen Sinew Pill (
Bu Jin Wan) 補筋丸

Strengthen Sinew Pill (Bu Jin Wan) nourishes and invigorates the liver and kidney in order to strengthen the sinews and bones. It is effective for treating chronically loose joints, whether due to constitutional insufficiency, or in cases following injury in which sinew healing is delayed or slowed. Strengthen Sinew Pill can also be used for chronic and habitual dislocations due to impairment of the liver and kidney’s ability to nourish the sinews.

Ingredients: shu di huang; dang gui; shan zhu yu; huai niu xi; fu ling; du zhong; xu duan; bai shao; qing pi; wu jia pi; ji xue teng

Recommended Dosage: 3 capsules 3 times day