Blood Stasis Pill (Die Da (Trauma) Wan) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Tooth from Tigers Mouth

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Blood Stasis Pill (Die Da (Trauma) Wan)

Blood Stasis Trauma Pill is an all-purpose internal formula for sprains, strains, contusions and fractures, with blood stasis (swelling, bruising and localized pain). Generations of martial arts practitioners have used the Blood Stasis Trauma Pill (Huo Xue Die Da Wan) to clear blockages of Qi, blood and fluids that have accumulated at the site of an injury. Blood Stasis Trauma Pill is carefully formulated to prevent blood from congealing in the tissues of the injured area and to address “dead blood” before it can develop. Clearing stasis is usually the most important step in accelerating the healing process.


Ingredients: sheng di huang, qing pi, fang feng, wei ling xian, dan shen, ze lan, ru xiang, mo yao, tao ren, jie geng, zi ran tong; gu sui bu, gan cao, san qi, tu bie chong


Recommended Dosage: Right after an injury 6 capsules. Then, 3 Capsules 2-3 times a day or as recommended by your practitioner