Singles Bergamot (5ml) (Meridian Biologix)

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Singles Bergamot (5ml) (Meridian Biologix)

Bergamot has a fresh citrus scent and an acrid quality. It is applicable for digestive, emotional, and skin conditions. Bergamot is a calming oil for anxiety and irritability, indigestion, and acneic skin.

Fresh, fruity - sweet citrus notes with slightly spicy balsamic undertones. -100% Natural

Botanical Name: Citrus bergamia


100% Bergamot essential oil


Dosage Forms: Essential Oil

Unit size: 5 ml

Dosage: Dilute with a carrier oil for skin application or use in a diffuser 

All Meridian Biologix essential oils are sourced with the highest-quality botanicals that are sustainably sourced, organic, and third-party tested.