Meridian Essentials Hair Growth Herbal Shampoo with Fo-Ti Root

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Fo-Ti Root Herbal Shampoo

For Thinning or Greying Hair

*100% Pure Plant Oils* Sulfate Free* No Synthetic Perfumes*

Our Fo-Ti Root Herbal Shampoo is based on the classic herbal formulat to remedy greying, yellow, or dull hair, and to encourage hair growth. Our blend of Organic and Wildcrafted herbal extracts will turn back the clock to the days of thick and shiny, youthful hair. made with 100% natural ingredients and rich plant oils, our Herbal Shampoo is suitable for everyone who wants to look their best.

Meridian Essentials is born out of Kamwo Herbal Pharmacy, a family business with four generations of Traditional Chinese Medicine practice, and more than 40 years of formulating natural skin care products. Our team, which includes experienced herbalists and biomedical pharmacists are dedicated to creating natural products that preserve the wisdom of traditional therapies.

Pro Tip: Use daily, long term for best results.