Huang Yao Zi (Premium)

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Premium, No Sulfur Added, Aluminum Phosphate Free, Chlorine Free, Lot-tested for pesticides and heavy metal content

Healing Harvest herbs
Note: appearance, smell, storage, and shelf life of untreated, unsulfured herbs may differ from conventional herbs that are treated with preservative agents. Additionally, color, cut, texture, and moisture content may vary from treated herbs or between batches, as is expected in a natural product.

Because Healing Harvest Premium herbs are not sulfurized, their shelf-life, especially once opened are shortened significantly. Further, premium herbs may be more susceptible to moisture, extreme temperatures, microbial growth or insects. We recommend storing herbs in their original packaging until use. All un-sulfurized premium herbs must be stored in a cool and dry environment or in the refrigerator in an airtight container. Manage your inventory to provide fresher herbs and minimize spoilage by not stocking more than what you would use within 6-9 mos.