Extra Strength Golden Ointment (Qiang Li Jin Huang Gao) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Tooth from Tigers Mouth

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Extra Strength Golden Ointment (
Qiang Li Jin Huang Gao) 强力金黄膏

Extra Strength Golden Ointment (Qing Li Jin Huang Gao) is the classic Gao for 2nd stage sinew injuries or late 1st stage injuries where redness and heat are not present, but there is stagnation of blood and fluid with swelling. The presence of more warming, damp dispelling ingredients helps to dispel stagnant fluids, thereby preventing the development of Bi (obstruction). Extra Strength Golden Ointment is also useful when local swelling is exacerbated by environmental humidity and heat. A small amount of Tibetan Hong Hua has been added to increase the efficacy of the formula

External Use Only! Do not use over open skin lesions or rashes.

Ingredients: da huang; huang bai; jiang huang; bai zhi; tian nan xing; chen pi; cang zhu; hou po; gan cao; tian hua fen; xi hong hua, beeswax and sesame oil base