Dual Head Jade Roller

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Directions for recommended use:
Large end can be used for the body, limbs, forehead, cheeks and neck, while small end is appropriate for the eye area, etc. Move the roller from the center of your forehead in the hairline, moving slowly towards the ear. Repeat over the same area a few times. After repeating, start inching the movement towards the eyebrow from the forehead. For underneath the eyes, move the small end of the roller from the inside corner of the eye towards the ear.

You can use this in other areas of the face: from the nose to the temple, upper and lower lip to the ear, and also the chin moving out to the ear. Repeat on both sides of the face. For the neck area, you can use the larger roller starting at the chin, lightly pressing and sweeping out to the side of the neck in small strokes, down to the collarbone.

Remember to use minimal pressure when using strokes on the face and neck. Always wash your face before beginning massage.

Tool may be chilled or heated in water prior to use. Roller should be moved with just the weight of the roller pressing the skin; no additional pressure is needed. Make sure the jade roller is clean by wiping it gently with a damp cloth. Never place the jade roller in hot water or use harsh chemicals or cleaning products, as it can erode the finish and polish of the jade.