Quiet Moment (Blends) (5ml) (Meridian Biologix)

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Quiet Moment (Blends) (5ml) (Meridian Biologix)

Applications: Instill a few drops on a cotton ball and store in a ziplock bag. Open and inhale as needed to curb stress throughout the day. Instill a few drops into a hot water foot bath.

Point Recommendations: Sp 6/9, Ht 7, Yintang, Li 4, Lv 3


Organic Essential Oils of Lavender
in Jojoba.


Dosage Forms: Essential Oil Blend

Unit size: 5 ml

Meridian Biologix is a line of pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil formulas created by Marc Gian. Marc is a Chinese Medicine practitioner and teacher of the application of essential oils for acupuncturists. Meridian Biologix formulas fit with Chinese medicine patterns and are intuitive for practitioners to fit into their treatments.

All Meridian Biologix essential oil blends are made with high-quality oils that are sustainably sourced, organic, and third-party tested.