Meridian Biologix Singles Sandalwood Indonesia (5 ml)

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Meridian Biologix Singles Sandalwood Indonesia (5 ml)

Base Note

Woodsy and sweet Indonesian Sandalwood is a male aphrodisiac and a calming, uplifting oil for all. Known as the Divine oil, Sandalwood has a strong place in religious ritual and meditation practices. Beneficial for clearing a sore throat and supporting lung function.

Meridian Biologix uses only Organic or Wildcrafted materials from sustainable sources. All oils are third party laboratory tested for purity and perfumes are never used.

Directions- Dilute with a carrier oil for skin application or use in a diffuser.

Ingredients- 100% Indonesian Sandalwood essential oil

Precautions- For external use only. Avoid eyes, mouth, and areas of broken skin.


Distributed by Kamwo Meridian Herbs, NY

Made in USA