Kang Zhu Magnetic Cupping Set with Case (16 Cup)

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Lightweight, break resistant magnetic plastic cupping set with magnets. The set contains cups with smooth, air-locking valves, a pistol grip hand pump, 32 extension tube, 2 replacement valves, and an instruction manual. This 16 cup set includes 10 removable 800 gauss magnetic insert probes, 5 blue and 5 red, 14 traditional flat base cups, 2 cups with a curved base for easier use on the body's curves and joints, and a large rectangular Gua Sha tool. Comes in a sturdy red carrying case with lock. Cup sizes include: 2.8 dia (2), 2.4 (8), 1.7 (2), 1.2 (2), 1.7 curved base (1), and 1.2 curved base (1).