J -Type Moxa - Jin Young Gam Wang SsukBong

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J -Type Moxa - Jin Young Gam Wang SsukBong

Pre-made quality moxa cones for use with moxa bowls & warmers.

J-Type moxa cones are made from 100% quality mugwort fiber that is aged more than 3 years. Many pre-pressed moxa cones are shaped using water or glue, but the J moxa cone is compressed into the molding frame and set using high temperature processing with no added ingredients to burn clean. These cones are for use with moxa bowls and warming devices as well as salt or ginger slice techniques.

Product Information:
Made from 100% pure, pressed mugwort fiber
Measures 1.6cm H and 2.2cm diameter
50 pieces/box

To prevent burns, always use appropriate safety barriers and never leave patient unattended with moxa burning. Moxa products are intended for qualified practitioners only. If you are not familiar with the safe use of this product please consult a licensed Chinese medicine practitioner.